Waterproofing is  important because  it protects  your home, and  the people who live in it, from the severe and unrelenting  effects  of  weather  and  the  environment. It is usually weather that is the most common cause of structural  damage  in  the  first  place.  Mildew, mold and cold, damp interior house walls resulting from lack of waterproofing  can  cause  health  problems  for  you  and your family, and the cracks caused by weathering that have  not  been  waterproofed  will  allow  all  kinds  of creepy crawlies in. Decent waterproofing will also protect your  possessions  from  insects  and mildew. Houses that are not properly waterproofed are also not adequately insulated from the weather outside, which can mean you will pay more on heating and cooling.