Heat reflective coating (Roofs and Walls)

Heat reflective - Anti Fungal - Waterproofing

Who doesn't want their home cool?!
About a third of the unwanted heat that builds up in your home comes in through the roof and then the walls. One good solution is to apply a reflective coating to the roof and walls.

We offer a range of heat reflective coatings which are ultraviolet resistant and offers a continuous rejection of solar heat which leads to a drastic reduction of roof and wall heat. As we offer innumerable advantages through our heat resistant coatings our range has numerous application areas. Our customization facility makes it more relevant to our numerous clienteles.

Ecoshield Thermal Coating products provide Large Energy Cost Savings, Waterproofing, anti fungal and Preservation of the Roof/walls, and Significant Abatement of Greenhouse Gas.

Ecoshield Bay Thermo

Bay thermo is a high performance ceramic based coating for thermal insulation and waterproofing.  This is used on building roofs and walls.

A coating for the substrate (surface) of buildings that keeps it cool in the summer, warm in the winter, allows moisture to escape, protects against the fungus elements, last many times longer than paint and is completely environmentally friendly. The product is described as a high-build, high-performance architectural coating that goes on any substrate whether it's wood, stucco, cement, concrete, brick or metal.