Greenseal 100

Greenseal 100 is a waterproofing cemetitious material, which integrates to parts of concrete to form a crystallization process. Greenseal 100's chemical agents react with water and a non-soluble crystalline is then generated throughout the capillary voids in the concrete. This crystalline is highly resistant to water and performs well even under extreme conditions such as pressure or aggressive chemicals. Greenseal 100 is also recommended for use in minor repair to concrete structures. Cracks or voids up to a width of 1.0 millimeter can be sealed anytime by using Greenseal 100 using the crystallization process. 

Greenseal 100 can be used for most of the concrete structure where the structure will expose to water contact later. These include slabs, underground walls, ground beams and floors, water storage structures, marine and coastal structures, or any fresh concrete.

Greenseal 100 cal also be used as an additive agent to cement grout in new concrete to protect concrete structures from water attacks. The protection against water can be permanent once the crystallization processes fully growth. The same principle applies for plugging to leakage in concrete structures. Greenseal 100 when mixed up with water, turns to slurry. It is then easy to apply onto concrete surfaces as a dry powder additive.
 Greenseal 100

The formation and growth of crystalline is the best choice to water resistance as it develops through the capillaries / voids in the concrete. This effect will last permanently. Due to this reason, additional bonding to concrete is therefore required before application of coating onto concrete surfaces.

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