Ecoshield Flexi Cem

    Flexi Cem -2C

FlexiCem - Two component flexible cementitious waterproof coating (A UAE manufactured product with formulation from Germany) On curing FlexiCem produces a strong, highly flexible waterproof membrane which bonds strongly to concrete, masonry and other substrates including light weight concrete blocks.


  •      Waterproofing of water retaining structures like portable water tanks, reservoirs and canals.
  •      Waterproof coatings for roofs and tunnels.
  •      Concrete water tanks, lift well inspection pits.
  •      For swimming pools, bathroom slabs, kitchen slabs and other water areas.
  •      Waterproof lining for water retaining structure.


  •      Withstands high positive and negative hydrostatic pressures.
  •      Excellent bonding to substrate such as concrete, masonry, stone and steel etc.
  •      Adequate working life.
  •      Easy application (by brush, trowel)
  •      Excellent waterproofing for water retaining structures.
  •      Breathable.
  •      UV ray resistant.






Drying time

1-2 Hours

Tensile adhesion

1.25N/ mm2


Gray/ White


1M2/ 1L

Recommended thickness


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