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Ecoshield Tile Adhesives

Bay Fix - The multipurpose tile adhesive

Bay Fix is cement based adhesive powder blended with special additives.

Usage: Bay Fix is a quality adhesive for permanent fixing of ceramic tiles on the floors and wall. It can be used for fixing marbles and stone cladding. It is usable for use in swimming pools, bathrooms, kitchens and other wet process areas.
Advantages: Interior or exterior use. Economical. High bond strength. Water cleanable and non-flammable



Typical value


1.7 g/ M3


Compressive strength


1st Day

7th Day



2000 PSI

3000 PSI



2500 PSI

3500 PSI

Open time at 700 F


18-20 Min

Mixed pot life at 700 F


60-90 Min

Sheer Bond (PSI)

200 Min

250 Min

350 PSI

400 PSI


Solid bed fixing 3-6 mm depth: 4-8 kg/ M2

Notched Trowel smooth surface: 1.8-2.5 kg/ M2


Powder of Portland cement, graded sand, additives and polymer chemicals.


White or Gray