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PU Grouting (WEBAC)

Polyurethane (PU) Grouting with WEBAC Injection System

For crack repairs, building sealing, curtain injections, joint sealing, foundation pit sealing and canal repairs.

Ecoshield Solutions brings WEBAC Injection System comprises a wide range of injection materials and technical accessories for the reconstruction of building structures. The properties of the individual products are tailor-made to suit different applications. Polyurethane (PU) Grouting is specially designed for providing water control in static joints or cracks in concrete structures. It is especially effective for cutting off gushing water of high pressure and speed, when used with our very own system, manufactured in Germany.

Although polyurethane grouts have been extensively used worldwide for almost four decades, some large grouting firms still have not caught on to this trend. Polyurethane grouts provide solutions to problem situations especially when major inflows are present or when long term performance is required. 

Ecoshield solutions bring you foolproof waterproofing methodology with PU Injection Resin and PU Injection Foam Resin individually or in mixture with expert proportion best suitable for the requirement using WEBAC pump.

Application Ranges

Crack Repair: Closing, sealing, limited flexibility bridging and bridging where structural strength is required

Building Sealing: Post-construction horizontal water stops against capillary rising moisture

Curtain Injection: Post-construction surface sealing for below grade building components

Construction Joint Sealing: Sealing of construction joints in concrete building structures 

Foundation Pit Sealing: Sealing of water-bearing cracks and joints in foundation pits of slot and sheet pile wall design

Canalization Repair: Sealing of joints and cracks in canals and shafts

urface Sealing: Bituminous external sealing for below grade building components Surface Protection Coating of industrial and useful surface areas
Joint sealing: Sealing of joints in building constructions in structural and civil engineering

Surface Protection: Coating of industrial and useful surface areas

Soil Stabilization: Filling, solidification and stabilization of floors and brickwork